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The botany program conducts research on the biology of rare and invasive plant species and participates in citizen science initiatives. The program is directed under Dr. Matthew Carlson, who also teaches in the Department of Biological Sciences at UAA. The program is involved in many areas within the plant sciences, but the areas of our research expertise include habitat modeling, biogeography of rare and invasive plants, reproductive ecology and evolution, and ecological impacts of non-native plants. The botany program also offers a wide range of related services including field surveys, monitoring studies, mapping, and conservation planning services.

The botany program is the central repository of biological information on Alaska’s rare and invasive plant species and tracks over 600 plant species. Information and reports of native and non-native plant species are collected and verified into databases: geospatial data for rare vascular plants and lichens are located within the Rare Plant Species Lists and geospatial data for non-native plants are located within the AKEPIC database. Data maintained in the AKNHP databases are an integral part of ongoing research and reflect the observations of many scientists and institutions. We work closely with botanists across Alaska in an effort to ensure the most comprehensive and accurate data sets.

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