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Matthew Carlson

Director / Assistant Professor | 907-786-6390 (AKNHP) / 907-786-1327 (Biology Dept.) | mlcarlson@uaa.alaska.edu

Matt Carlson received a B.S. in Biology and in Art from the Willamette University and a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Matt has worked as a botanist with the Alaska Natural Heritage Program since 2002. He has conducted floristic inventories across the state and manages the rare plant and non-native plant databases. Along with students and collaborators, Matt studies the ecology of rare and non-native plants in Alaska and plant evolutionary ecology more generally.

Theresa Rzeczycki

Program Coordinator | 907-786-6378 | tarzeczycki@uaa.alaska.edu

Theresa Rzeczycki has a B.A. in English and Business from Ithaca College in NY & London, a B.S. in Natural Science and Geology from University of Alaska Anchorage, and is currently working on a M.S. in Biology at University of Alaska Anchorage. Her research is focused on invasive plant impacts on nutrient cycling and invasibility. She has worked in the field surveying invasives on roadside and river corridors and post fire burned areas throughout Alaska. She also has worked across the arctic on the North Slope Science Initiative Land Cover Mapping Project. While not at work, Theresa stays unplugged and off the radar.

Nancy Norvell

 Data Manager | 907-786-6385 | nnorvell@uaa.alaska.edu

Nancy Norvell received a B.S. in Wildlife Management from Humboldt State University. She worked in the field biology world before focusing on GIS and databases. Nancy worked in a variety of environments: avian studies on mid-Pacific Ocean islands, vegetation mapping in the Arctic, trapping shrews on the Pribilof Islands, and bird-banding in the San Francisco Bay. Horses, gardening, traveling, and curiosity about the natural world keep her busy outside of work.

Vegetation Ecology

Tina Boucher

Program Ecologist | 907-786-6384 | tboucher@uaa.alaska.edu

Tina Boucher received a B.A. in International Relations from Colgate University and an M.S. in Forest Ecology from Oregon State University. Tina has worked as an ecologist with the Alaska Natural Heritage Program since 2005. She specializes in landscape and plant community classification and has conducted mapping and classification projects across Alaska in partnership with several federal agencies. Tina’s research interests include characterizing the impact of landscape-scale disturbance (fire, spruce beetle, and other insects) on vegetation pattern and succession.

Lindsey Flagstad

Ecologist | 907-786-6386 | laflagstad@uaa.alaska.edu

Lindsey Flagstad received a B.A. in Geology from The Colorado College and a M.S. in Biology from The University of Alaska Anchorage. Lindsey specializes in vegetation mapping and manages Alaska’s statewide weed database and mapping applications (AKEPIC). Lindsey’s masters’ research addressed the primary succession of plant and soil microorganism communities; her previous work experience includes geotechnical survey, wetland delineation and the NEPA process. While not at work, Lindsey enjoys chasing after her three little munchkins.

Monica McTeague

Ecologist | 907-786-6357 | mlmcteague@uaa.alaska.edu

Monica McTeague has a B.S. in Botany and an M.S. in Environmental Sciences and Policy from Northern Arizona University. She specializes in plant ecology with experience in landscape ecology using remote sensing techniques, vegetation classification, and fluvial geomorphology. She has worked extensively on vegetation mapping projects with the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program. While not at work, she enjoys exploring Alaska with her family, skiing, traveling, reading, gardening, cooking, and eating.

Landscape Ecology

Jamie Trammell

Program Landscape Ecologist | 907-786-4865 | ejtrammell@uaa.alaska.edu

Jamie Trammell received a B.A. in Biology and Environmental Studies from Western State College of Colorado and a M.S. in Geography and a Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology from the University of Nevada, Reno. His specialty is applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to complex landscapes, with a focus on socio-ecological interactions and conservation planning. He has extensive experience in modeling past, current, and future landscapes at local (wildlife refuge) to regional (northern rivers of Australia) to landscape (southwestern U.S.) scales using remote sensing and GIS. In his free time, Jamie enjoys birdwatching, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and generally exploring the natural world with his family.

Marcus Geist

Geographer | 907-786-6325 | mageist@uaa.alaska.edu

Marcus Geist earned a B.A. in Political Science from Davidson College and an M.E.M. from Duke University. Marcus has worked across a wide range of environmental and natural resource sectors. His Alaskan project experience includes using GIS for large site suitability analyses with the US Army, implementing NEPA at USKH Inc., conservation planning with The Nature Conservancy, and providing field support for Bristol Bay area fish surveys. He particularly relishes access to publically available geospatial data to inform decisions. Other interests include: traveling with his family, teaching English as a second language and building with Habitat for Humanity both domestically and internationally.

Megumi Aisu

Graduate Student| maisu@alaska.edu

Megumi Aisu received a B.A. in Environment & Society from University of Alaska Anchorage with a minor in GIS, and a B.A. in Chinese Philosophy from Hokkaido University in Japan. She is currently working on an M.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Environmental GIS at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Her research investigates the statewide invasive plants distribution model using GIS. When not working, she enjoys playing the cello, hiking, camping, cooking, and learning Chinese.

Priscilla Lema

Research Technician | 907-786-6332 | pllema@alaska.edu

Priscilla received a B.A. in Environment and Society from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Her research interests include the interactions of human factors with the landscape and the human dimension in ecology. Priscilla enjoys creating masterpieces in the kitchen, getting outside, exchanging Christmas presents with her German exchange student friend, and traveling the world.


Justin Fulkerson

Botanist | 907-786-6387| jrfulkerson@alaska.edu

Justin Fulkerson earned a B.S. from Humboldt State University and a M.S. in Biology from University of Alaska Anchorage studying the ecology and evolution of arctic flowers. Before joining Dr. Carlson’s lab, he was a junior specialist for several years at the University of California at Davis studying plant evolutionary ecology. Justin’s research interests are in plant community ecology, pollination ecology, and conservation of rare plants.

Casey Greenstein

Research Technician | 907-786-6351 | cbgreenstein@uaa.alaska.edu

Casey received a B.A. in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Biology and Environmental Studies from Green Mountain College in Vermont and a M.S. in Environmental Management from the University of San Francisco. Her background includes horticulture, organic agriculture, habitat restoration, and invasive plant management. At the Alaska Natural Heritage Program, Casey works on a variety of projects with the Botany department.

Bonnie Bernard

Research Technician | 907-786-6359 | blbernard@uaa.alaska.edu

Bonnie Bernard received a B.S. in Biology with a focus in Plant Biology from Centenary College. She currently works for the botany and ecology programs. Her primary interests include plant community ecology and rare ecosystems, but her research background also includes plant systematics and rare plant biology. When not talking to plants, she also enjoys backpacking, cycling, backcountry Nordic skiing, and looking at cool rocks.

Timm Nawrocki

Research Technician | 907-786-6359 | timm.nawrocki@gmail.com

Timm received a B.S. in Biology from the University of Virginia. He is currently working for the botany program and has previous experience surveying for rare and invasive plants in the Chugach National Forest. When not working, he enjoys exploring outdoors and recreating historical artifacts.

Laura Schneller

Graduate Student | lcschneller@alaska.edu

Laura received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and a B.A. in Languages from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She is currently working on an M.S. in Biological Sciences at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Her research investigates the impacts of invasive plants on plant-pollinator communities in interior Alaska. Prior to this research, she gained field work experience working with arctic and alpine Alaskan plant ecology.


Program Zoologist: Currently Vacant

Program Zoologist | 907-786-6352

Jesika Reimer

Zoologist | 907-786-6349 | jpreimer@uaa.alaska.edu

Jesika Reimer earned a B.S. in Ecology and a M.S. in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Calgary. Her research has focused mainly on bats in Northwest Territories, Canada, including radio-tracking, life history studies, and crawling around in caves. She has also worked on projects such as capuchin monkeys in Costa Rica, carnivorous bats in Belize, and earthworm invasions in northern Alberta. She is currently researching bird and mammal species endemic to Alaska for the Zoology program. In her spare time she enjoys all things outdoors including hiking, kayaking, backcountry skiing, and attempting to skijor with her two huskies.

Aquatic Ecology

Dan Rinella

Aquatic Ecologist | 907-786-4963 | djrinella@uaa.alaska.edu

Dan Rinella has a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from Lake Superior State University, a M.S. in Biology from Auburn University, and a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. His work focuses on the ecology of Alaska’s fresh water ecosystems, including baseline biological surveys of water bodies throughout the state.

Dan Bogan

Aquatic Ecologist | 907-786-4964 | dlbogan@uaa.alaska.edu

Dan Bogan earned a B.A. in Botany and a M.S. in Environmental Science from Miami University. Dan’s research focuses on biological water quality monitoring using diatom and macroinvertebrate community data. He is also actively involved with watershed and water quality education and committed to forming water quality monitoring partnerships. He also curls, packrafts, kayaks, skis, fishes, hunts, and plays double disc court.

Becky Shaftel

Aquatic Ecologist | 907-786-4965 | rsshaftel@uaa.alaska.edu

Rebecca has a B.S. in Earth Systems from Stanford University and a M.S. from Baylor University. She grew up in Anchorage and returned in 2001. Her background includes water quality assessments, wetlands and vegetation mapping, and stream ecology. She is currently researching fish distributions, trends in abundance, and general ecology for projects in Western Alaska and Bristol Bay. She enjoys skiing and hiking.

Dustin Merrigan

Research Technician | 907-786-4965 | dwmerrigan@alaska.edu

Dustin has a B.S. in Environmental Sciences from Alaska Pacific University. He has worked on research projects around the state of Alaska mapping physical habitats, surveying spawning salmon, sampling aquatic macroinvertebrate communities, and studying overwintering juvenile coho salmon. Dustin enjoys most activities that are on or near water in either its solid or liquid states.

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