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The zoology program assimilates and synthesizes information concerning terrestrial vertebrates and rare and invasive animal species to aid land management planning and species conservation in Alaska. The program is involved in many areas related to wildlife biology, but primary focuses include habitat modeling, habitat field surveys, collection of biological data, conservation assessments, and biogeography of rare and invasive animals.

The zoology program is the central repository of biological information on Alaska‚Äôs rare animal species and tracks occurrence and range data for over 760 animals, which is available through the Animal Data Portal in the menu to the right. Habitat distribution models for over 330 vertebrate animals are available on the website for the Alaska GAP Analysis Project, which is maintained by the zoology program. Additionally, through a recent partnership with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the zoology program will offer status assessments on all vertebrate species occurring in Alaska or Alaska’s coastal waters through the Alaska Species Ranking System.

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